Buying A Home In Charlotte's Plaza Midwood Neighborhood

Developed in the early 1920s as a streetcar suburb, the development of Plaza Midwood coincided with the development of Charlotte’s Myers Park neighborhood. Two prominent local families, the Van Landinghams and the Victors, provided the impetus for the initial development.   Plaza Midwood's trolley line ran along Central Avenue to The Plaza and down Mecklenburg Avenue to the Mecklenburg Country Club, now Charlotte Country Club, which is one of Charlotte’s most prestigious and historic clubs in Charlotte.During the Depression, Plaza Midwood underwent many phases, resulting in a diverse architectural heritage. The urban flight of the 1950s and 1960s left parts of the neighborhood on the brink of decline.  By the mid-1970s Plaza Midwood residents began to group together to preserve their neighborhood and the Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association (PMNA) was organized.

 Plaza Midwood has maintained perhaps the most diverse mix of residents… it is easy to walk down Pecan Avenue and imagine you are in Brooklyn,or Venice Beach, as many creative urban professionals choose to call Plaza Midwood home.  The Plaza Midwood Neighborhood Association is one of Charlotte’s very active neighborhood associations. The Local Merchant Organization is the business arm of the neighborhood and runs itself like a close knit community as well, resulting in a vibrant neighborhood perfect for entrepreneurs, young professionals and young families. Activities like neighborhood watch, clean-up days, tree banding and neighborhood festivals keep the community close knit and beautiful. The neighborhood park has a tennis court, soccer field, basketball court and playground.  With its location just a few miles outside of Center City, Plaza Midwood is an ideal place to call home for working professionals and young families.  RETURN TO PLAZA MIDWOOD CHARLOTTE NEIGHBORHOOD HOMES FOR SALE SEARCH